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Interactive Analytics Workshop: Attend Class with ProntoForms' Analytics Professor


You've heard about everything analytics can do for your organization and you're ready to take the first. But wait… what is the first step?

Don't worry, our VP of Operations and "Analytics Professor" Aly Mawani is here to give you an interactive workshop in everything from dashboards, filters, visualizations, and tables to data fields.

Check out the key learnings and "come prepared" section to know what you need to get started. While it might be BYOBI (bring your own BI), we will be providing the data to you so you can follow along or complete later at your own pace.

Key learnings

  • How to create and display visualizations within Power BI, based on data captured using ProntoForms
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to load, design, and analyze data in Power BI

What you will need for this workshop:

  • A PC (Windows only) that meets the minimum system requirements fir Power BI
  • A local installation of Power BI Desktop
  • A downloaded copy of this sample XLS file
  • Your curiosity!

Your Professor

Content packshot
Aly Mawani
VP, Operations

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