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Customer Interview

Conair: Staying Agile in Today’s Evolving Service Landscape with Low-Code Apps


ProntoForms hosted a workshop on September 30th, 2020 as part of WBR Field Service USA Virtual. The deep-dive workshop showcased how low-code apps help organizations achieve digital transformation goals while staying agile in a constantly evolving service landscape. 

Here’s a summary of the discussion between ProntoForms’ Client Director, Pat Foley, and Brian Dowler, Vice President of Customer Services, and Jay Kriner, Service Manager from Conair.


Where it all began

Conair has been around for over 60 years and is the leading global supplier of auxiliary equipment and solutions for plastics processors. The company was driven towards digital transformation to better satisfy their customers' needs. Conair also wanted to provide their technicians with information while in the field, such as drawings and reports that they could reference instantly.

In 2018, they began to leverage technology and started using FSM software to improve their systems. Conair then found ProntoForms at a WBR Field Service conference a few years ago and "fell in love." The company's aim was to provide essential information to customers quickly.

Conair explained that they're a mid-sized company without an abundance of resources or funds for consultants or expensive technology. What they appreciate about ProntoForms is how easy it is to learn your way around. It's simple to build a form and link it to their FSM on a shoestring budget.

The result: Improved field efficiency & customer service

Brian mentioned that the technology that's had the biggest impact on Conair's digital transformation has been ProntoForms. While the original switch to FSM software was important, ProntoForms has pushed their processes further than ever. Now, technicians can capture data, and have factory-wide access to information that is automatically included in reports and files.

Jay mentioned that, like many organizations, Conair's field service technicians use tribal knowledge to perform work in the field. Since using ProntoForms, information is now consistent, and external contractors have access to the same reports as the internal team. Customers obtain the same reports and get the same effort put into their job—regardless of who performs the work.

It used to take a week or two before a report was sent to the customer. Now it's completed before the tech leaves the facility. The technicians are happy that the reports are done. They no longer need to put in late nights or early mornings completing paperwork. Techs can kick back and relax during downtime, which primes them to deliver excellent customer service.

"Our NPS scores have been through the roof in the past 6 months. Two-thirds of customer comments mention service and satisfaction."


Looking to the future: Continued digital innovation

The workshop wrapped up with a focus on Conair's future plans for digital transformation. It's clear that Brian and Jay are committed to a process of constant improvement with customer and field technician satisfaction at the forefront of their plans for what's to come.

The company wants to move towards self-service in the future with a customer portal to help with customer support and drive profits. Brian is hoping that AI will eventually provide answers to customer's questions. They're currently building the foundation by creating a database for future AI projects.

Brian noted that he and Jay are looking 5-10 years ahead. He acknowledged the coming silver tsunami that is set to hit field service with technicians starting to retire. They want new techs to have access to all the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. To help prepare for this coming shift, Conair is using checklists that guide techs through all the steps required to complete a job.


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