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Low-code Apps for the Field:
A Buyers’ Guide



This LCAP Buyers’ Guide will help navigate the sea of low-code solutions to help teams make informed buying decisions for successful deployments. It will define, contextualize, and evaluate the capabilities of low-code platforms and mobile app solutions through an enterprise lens, with a focus on advanced capabilities, scalability, maturity, and performance in the field. 

It is a must-read for teams who have been tasked with evaluating how best to rapidly build custom mobile apps or are searching for a way to extend data collection or an existing tech stack into the field.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to evaluate which LCAP solution you need (all-in-one like Outsystems and Appian vs. best-in-breed like ProntoForms)
  • Pro tips for choosing and deploying an LCAP solution for the field
  • How to stay agile to the macrotrends affecting field service today and tomorrow
  • The power of democratizing app building across your organization
  • How multi-step, real-time apps can help you transform your business processes
  • The six elements of a field-focused LCAP, including reporting & analytics, integrations, and user management
  • How to integrate with and extract more ROI from your existing tech stack
  • LCAP deployment best practices from Fortune 500 companies

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