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White Paper

Empower Citizen Data Scientists with Low-Code App Platforms


Is your organization data literate? That is, do you know where your data comes from, the best ways to analyze it, and how to communicate its value effectively?

If the answer is yes to all the above, then congrats – but know that this is just the first step on the road to becoming a truly data-driven organization. Download this ProntoForms white paper to help navigate your data literacy journey, no matter where on the map your organization currently finds itself.

How LCAPs help citizen data scientists deliver value

Low-code tools have revolutionized the data game, enabling citizen developers to crank out business applications at a breakneck pace without knowing any code. The same thing goes for citizen data scientists – which, thanks to LCAPs, have been able to take over many tasks associated with traditional data scientist roles while also not knowing code. 

Since citizen data scientists generally have a more acute understanding of departmental needs, in many cases they’ve been able to drive even more value across an organization than their more traditional data analysts.

Learn the secrets to gaining operational data visibility

Technicians in the field can do the best data collection job ever but it’s largely for naught if companies don’t have the right tools to gain insights from these submissions. And while self-service tools have quickly become one of the most effective ways of gaining operational data visibility, not all are created equal. Questions asked in this white paper include:

  • Does the platform grant citizen data scientists easy access to field data on an aggregate basis?
  • How important is it for the platform to visualize field application uptake in real time?
  • Can citizen data scientists use the platform to drill down into specific form activity, on a form-by-form basis?

This white paper will answer these questions and discuss the tools that ProntoForms provides for citizen data scientists to propel your data journey, helping you and your organization move quickly along the path to becoming a data-driven powerhouse.

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