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A Guided Tour: ProntoForms' New Features


We know that you've sat in meetings to discuss ways to take your field service workflows to the next level. Guess what? You're not alone.

We've had those same discussions. And from those discussions, ProntoForms' new features were born. Are you ready to learn about them? Because we're pretty excited to share them.

Join feature guides Danielle Morley, ProntoForms' Senior Product Manager, and Glenn Chenier, ProntoForms' Chief Product Officer, as they take you on a demo adventure through ProntoForms' four new features and how to leverage them.

Key highlights:

  • Camera to text – Make data collection easy and more accurate with cameras and optical character recognition
  • Document scanning – Go 100% digital by converting mandatory paper forms to PDFs
  • Mobile search – Provide contextual, searchable data for field technicians
  • Form templates – Eliminate repetitive work when building forms

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