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Case Study

Gulf Distributing improves productivity with ProntoForms

Business Goal
  • Improve business processes
  • Mobilize existing paper forms
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
Outcome & Results
  • 17.75 hours saved on each monthly report
  • Intuitive forms helped to mobilize processes
  • Increased productivity & accountability of area managers

The Challenge

Gulf Distributing Holdings, L.L.C., is comprised of Gulf Distributing of Mobile, Goldring Gulf of Florida, Allstate Beverage and Energy Beverage of Mississippi. The company has been a mainstay in the beverage business since 1935. Serving Alabama, Florida and Mississippi counties with its fleet of over 100 delivery trucks and 135+ sales personnel, the company distributes some of the largest beverage brands in the world.

In order to remain an industry leader in the region, Gulf Distributing Holdings L.L.C. Management Director TJ Dela Pena knew that the company's business processes had to improve. "Serving many different types of stores, from the Wal-Marts to independent stores, we had many different styles of audit and survey forms that our Area Managers had to fill out. Having everything paper based was simply no longer feasible in today's fast paced business world."

The 80 Area Managers of Gulf Distributing, Goldring Gulf, Allstate Beverage and Energy Beverage are not only responsible for carrying out approximately 40 audits each month (plus surveys), but they also have to compile their own numbers for submission and evaluation.

"Our Area Managers have to roll up all of their store scores and data each month for submission. On average, the process was taking a day-and-a-half to complete for each worker. We knew that there had to be a better way to go about this."

"We looked at setting up something in-house to mobilize our processes. But in the end, ProntoForms made much more sense, both from a resource and a cost perspective. We were able to standardize our forms to become more consistent across the board."

The Solution

Seeking a way to improve the business processes of Gulf Distributing, Dela Pena recalled a solution that he had seen before.

"After I came on board with Gulf Distributing Holdings L.L.C., I started to look at our options. I remembered coming across ProntoForms while at another company and a light bulb went off."

A mobile form solution for smartphones and tablets, ProntoForms helps its business customers collect, and submit data on the go faster. Company forms are digitized and customized for mobile devices, with submitted data integratable with any back office system. ProntoForms also features custom branding; the ability to put company branding on the App, the Web Management Portal and the outputs (PDF and Word documents). Data can be connected to popular cloud services and more.

Key ProntoForms features that Gulf Distributing Holdings L.L.C. forms include: signature and photo captures, dropdown menus, Sketch Pad (ability to denote on an image and integrate it within the form) and GPS and time stamps.

Gulf Distributing Holdings L.L.C. also set up all form submissions to be automatically sent to an FTP server that con- nects with its local server.

The Benefits

Upon ProntoForms deployment, the response from Gulf Distributing Area Managers was overwhelmingly positive.

"Our Area Managers fully embraced ProntoForms right away. They love not having to go back to the truck to get paper forms or to have to remember to make copies. Plus, their end-of-month reports now take 15-20 minutes instead of a day-and-a-half."

"In the first four months deploying ProntoForms, we processed over 8,000 forms quickly and efficiently. It's been a great investment for us. We're now looking at how we can use this great tool in other areas."

In addition, with a digital, more accurate business process, Area Managers are now held more accountable as it pertains to retail execution. With less time spent on administrative work, they have more time to sell products.

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