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Case Study

Halliburton energizes its field operations with ProntoForms

Business Goal
  • Speed up billing process
  • Improve data collection from rig sites
  • Real-time mobile access to inventory data
Outcome & Results
  • Sped up billing from weeks, and sometimes months, to real-time
  • Improved data collection and reporting
  • Provisioned real-time field inventory access

The Challenge

Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry, serving the upstream oil and gas industry throughout a reservoir's entire lifecycle.

As the company is constantly improving its processes to optimize efficiency and adopt the latest technology, it wanted to improve how it collected data and tickets from rig sites. It also wanted to reduce the amount of time it took to get the data from the field to the office for billing purposes, and improve field access to inventory data.

Historically, if a field user needed to check inventory, they had to call the office. Halliburton's field users also carried carbon paper ticket books when delivering products to rig sites. The paper copies were then scanned and emailed to the office, where billing would occur.

But it sometimes took months for those tickets to arrive at the office. Sometimes they got lost or forgotten in the back of a truck. And other times, the handwriting was so bad it was hard to tell what the ticket even said.

Halliburton knew that to increase efficiency and reduce the time it took to bill clients for services, it needed a smart mobile form solution with cloud connectivity for its field workers.


The Solution

Halliburton Global Asset Manager Yamina Hibbard, of the company's drill bits division, says ProntoForms was at the top of its list of vendors. "And we're still very impressed with the excellent customer service, the speed of the deliverables, and the reliability of their mobile solution," she adds

ProntoForms delivered two solutions to the company's drill bits division: A smart mobile form app, replacing its paper ticketing system, and a mobile inventory app allowing field users to query the company's database in real-time. It was able to roll the solution out to all of Halliburton's 150 field users in North America within six months.

Field workers now use their mobile devices to fill out tickets, capture signatures, and even take photos of the product they're delivering. The tickets are auto-forwarded to the billing team, and can also be e-mailed to the customer.


The Benefits

Now, instead of sometimes waiting months for tickets to arrive from the field for billing, Halliburton receives them automatically as soon as they've been filled out. The office gets a notification with all the relevant data attached, which can be processed for billing while eliminating much of the need for manual data entry.

As a next step, Halliburton plans to deploy the ProntoForms solution across its entire international operation.

"The office people were just thrilled," says Hibbard, adding that the company's executive team saw value in the project right away. She says the office also benefited from the reporting capabilities in ProntoForms, which helps with the speed and accuracy of reconciliation and audit activities.

"It saved us a lot of time, a lot of money, because our billing team didn't have to work overtime anymore to catch up on all the missed tickets."


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