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Customer Interview

Mobile Forms - A Must-Have in Your Safety Toolkit


As a safety professional, you know how important it is to capture accurate information in the field. The slightest error could mean a serious disaster. But did you know that by deploying mobile forms in the field, you can take your health and safety compliance to new levels?

ProntoForms allows you to mobilize any form via your smartphone or tablet. In only a matter of days, and without blowing your budget, your field workers could be capturing rich, accurate data and effortlessly submitting it to the head office.

What you will learn:

  • What is ProntoForms and why you should be using the solution in the field
  • The many benefits and features that mobile forms provide that paper and other tools just can't match
  • How ProntoForms works. (We'll show you with a quick demo.)
  • How our customers are using mobile forms for their health & safety operations and the results they've experienced
  • How you can easily be on your way to collecting richer, more accurate, and more timely data in the field
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