How does ProntoForms improve patient care?

A US-based multi-specialty medical practice that offers specialized treatments turned to ProntoForms for assistance with challenges it faced in delivering high-quality patient care as part of a dental outreach program for underserved children across five states.

When it comes to helping field service organizations design mobile forms to solve a wide range of needs, ProntoForms fills many gaps. While we excel in the medical device manufacturing space, our field team platform has been leveraged for a unique use case in the healthcare industry. Patient care.

How ProntoForms helps improve patient care

ProntoForms’ no-code field team platform is renowned for its ability to break data silos. Digital forms on mobile devices empower rapid data collection and real-time information sharing, streamlining work and ensuring data flows back to your back office rapidly without issue. When charged with the delivery of patient care, organizations value the support ProntoForms provides.

A US-based multi-specialty medical practice that offers specialized treatments turned to ProntoForms for assistance with challenges it faced in delivering high-quality patient care as part of a dental outreach program for underserved children across five states.

Ensuring high-quality patient care for a multi-specialty medical practice

The medical practice turned to ProntoForms for help with several issues it encountered in delivering high-quality patient care for its dental outreach program. The challenges it was looking to solve include:

  • Regulatory compliance. The organization regularly collects private and personally identifiable information from patients. It required a solution that would empower it to gather patient data easily while complying with HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II and FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Complex conditions & procedures. Before an appointment, an average of 40+ data points are collected per child. During a dental visit, the complex procedures increase the number of data points collected to around 95. The organization sought a solution that could be scaled with minimum effort and accommodate a variety of detailed checklists.
  • Remote locations. With mobile dental clinics in underserved communities across five states in the United States, the medical practice needed a solution to capture data in remote areas with poor or no internet connectivity.
  • Inefficient paper forms. Using a paper-based process to capture data was a difficult process that required staff to complete duplicate forms.
  • Support for a variety of devices. Since its healthcare providers used iOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices, the organization needed a solution that could capture data accurately and was compatible with each of these operating systems.

Results obtained from using ProntoForms for patient care

With ProntoForms, multi-specialty medical practice has improved its patient care process. They have generated positive outcomes in several key areas including:

  • Improved data capture. The organization has successfully used ProntoForms to capture Patient Health Information with over 30,000 unique form submissions in six months. It plans to scale these use cases by using ProntoForms’ Teamwork feature to seamlessly share forms between dentists and hygienists.
  • Increased compliance. Using ProntoForms has helped the medical practice successfully standardize and scale PHI and PII collection processes while complying with complex regulatory requirements. It has been enabled to comply with all HIPAA requirements and has easily met all its audit guidelines.
  • Greater accountability. Now that the organization can capture signatures from dentists and hygienists, it has increased its ability to demonstrate accountability. With each form having a data and geo-stamp, all captured data is traceable.
  • Seamless integration. All data now retains its integrity. The organization is well-positioned to meet the FDA’s stringent GxP guidelines because of ProntoForms’ seamless integration with the suite of Google products it uses.
  • Well-designed UI. ProntoForms’ accessible user interface enabled effortless adoption with the organization’s diverse field staff of dental hygienists and dentists.
  • Remote capabilities. The medical practice has easily scaled its operations to remote locations across the United States. With ProntoForms, data is captured in the field by the dental care provider during a patient visit and sent to various data destinations once a secure internet connection is established.
  • Increased revenue. Using ProntoForms, the organization now ensures all insurance claims are shared promptly, increasing its revenue. In addition, it uses the field team platform to calculate the productivity of each dentist to determine their monthly pay, significantly reducing costs.


ProntoForms is easy to deploy and can be done incrementally to fit your unique needs and requirements. The organization we’ve featured in this use case has had over 30,000 form submissions.

To learn more about this deployment of ProntoForms, check out the complete use case. You’ll also get a glimpse of the company’s detailed end-to-end workflow showing the touchpoints for how data flows through the organization with our help.

Are you ready to discover how we can not only assist in optimizing your field service activities? Let us show you ProntoForms’ field team platform in action. Sign up for a quick demo.

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, August 11, 2022
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