ProntoForms Continues Its Reign as the Leader in Mobile Forms Automation

G2 (previously known as G2 Crowd), one of the world’s foremost peer-to-peer review sites, released its Summer 2019 Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation. We’re pleased to announce that ProntoForms has, once again, been named the category leader.

G2 report at a glance

G2 releases Grid and Index Reports on a quarterly basis, ranking products based on reviews gathered from our user community.

With the majority of user reviews submitted by Enterprise clients, ProntoForms earned the highest satisfaction score among all products in the Mobile Forms Automation Software category.

Actions speak louder than words

Many of our competitors boast of the same features and benefits. But, one look at the G2 report and its user reviews, and you’ll have tangible proof that ProntoForms is the real deal.

All IT directors and line of business owners should do their due diligence when considering the true scalability of a mobile platform for the field. Ask plenty of questions. Does a prospective solutions provider offer:

  • Multi-step workflows and conditional routing,
  • Very large data sources in drop-down menus,
  • Bulk editing tools; update hundreds of items with a single click,
  • Advanced form version and change management controls,
  • Smart, dynamic forms that adapt to user input with conditional logic,
  • Ability to edit form submissions and track changes,
  • Custom integrations into FSM systems, using a flexible REST API, and
  • Integration with Birst — Gartner’s top embedded BI solution.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that the “solution” you implement doesn’t create more pain points inadvertently. The reason ProntoForms is named the leader in Mobile Forms Automation time and time again is because it checks all the boxes listed above — and then some.

Our low-code enterprise-grade platform makes it fast and easy to deploy smart mobile forms for the field. Trusted by IT — ProntoForms can be used as a standalone or mobile front-end to systems of record.

From the horse’s mouth

“As a general contractor, we need to ensure that our job sites remain OSHA Compliant and our independent contractors stay safe. The incredible customization these forms allow has been able to fill both of these requirements.” – ProntoForms User Review (May 2019)

“The adoption of the tool by my team was the easiest and quickest of any technology solution. It typically takes days of onboarding and criticism by my teams. ProntoForms was minutes for the users to understand.” – ProntoForms User Review (April 2019)

“We’ve done away with lots of paper that were unnecessary. We’ve made the process easier and more “21st Century” for our buyers.” – ProntoForms User Review (March 2019)

Need more?

Still unconvinced? Check out some of our enterprise customer interviews and case studies. Hear from big names in the oil and gas and utility industries (Halliburton), automotive services (AAA), construction (Obayashi, Graniterock), facility management (Diversified Maintenance, TEC Services), and many more.

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